Aerobatic Thrill Ride with OK3 AIR!

We offer aerobatic thrill rides for adventurers seeking an adrenaline rush! Check out this brand new video of an aerobatic flight with OK3 AIR. Our Extra 300L is capable of unlimited aerobatics: +/- 10 g’s and 400 deg/sec roll rate. With you in the passenger’s seat, our experienced pilots will perform aerobatic stunts including spins, hammerheads, barrel rolls and more. The aircraft is equipped with 3 video cameras to record the entire flight. Get the thrill of a lifetime with OK3 AIR! Call us at 800.388.4445.

Flying to Sundance? Win Your Own Award at OK3 AIR

Sundance Blog Post



JAN. 16 – 26

Located only 20 minutes from Park City, UT, our FBO is the gateway to the Sundance Film Festival and skiing in Utah. We’re offering a special promotion during the two weeks of Sundance this year, where you can win an Amazon gift card with a minimum fuel purchase. We’ll also be offering 2X AVTRIP points to all pilots who purchase fuel. Check out the details below!

$100 in Amazon gift cards for each aircraft that purchases 700 or more gallons of fuel.
$200 in Amazon gift cards for each aircraft that purchases 1200 or more gallons of fuel.

2x AVTRIP points for all who purchase fuel!


Click below to watch our FBO spotlight video and learn why you should fly into
OK3 AIR during the Sundance Film Festival!
FBO Spotlight Video Snapshot

Winter Gear Raffle at OK3 AIR


December 26 to January 31!Winter Gear Image


Winter is here and it is cold. At OK3 AIR, you can enter to win an incredible winter gear package that will keep you warm. The package includes:

The North Face Thermoball Full Zip Jacket

Outdoor Research Spitsbergen Hat

Gordini Tactic Touch Screen Capable Gloves

The North Face Borealis Backpack


Fly in between December 26 and January 31 to enter to win!

Flying South: A Utah Backcountry Adventure

Not many people have flown in a six-person airplane. At OK3 AIR, we take adventurous travelers on backcountry flights to southern Utah in our six-seater Cessna 206 – an exciting experience of flying in a small plane and being immersed in Utah desert wilderness. This October, we flew on an artistic reconnaissance trip to remote, dirt airstrips with our Chief Flight Instructor (Luke), Marketing Specialist (me), and the artist for the national parks (CD Cross.) While Luke is a pilot and has flown our Cessna 206 countless times, I was completely new to this airplane. I’ve flown commercially plenty of times, and admit to being a slightly nervous flier. But gliding through the sky in the Cessna was a totally freeing experience. I came to understand the allure of flying. It was peaceful and wondrous to look down at the Utah landscape from 6,000 feet and see the wrinkles of the land. As we flew south, the scenery changed from dark trees, patches of snow, and the bright orange dots of hunters’ jackets to bone-dry, red-orange rock, carved by water and jutting up into the sky. As an Eastcoaster and newcomer to Utah, I was in awe of the undeveloped land extending to the horizon, and of the sheer immensity of the canyons and cliffs. Landing on gravel runways at spots that can only be accessed by plane was a thrilling and delightful adventure.

Check out some of our pictures from the trip below. And give us a call (800-388-4445) or email us ( if you’re going to be in Park City, Utah and want to see these sites for yourself!


Stop #1: Mexican Mountain

Without a plane, Mexican Mountain can only be reached by backpacking for three hours from the nearest road. There is no one around for miles. It is quiet and still, besides the trickling of the small river nearby winding around the mountain. Native American petroglyphs carved into the rock can also be seen here.

mexican mountain utah backcountry flight adventure

Mexican Mountain from the air

Mexican Mountain Utah backcountry flight adventure

Landing strip at Mexican Mountain. Lone green tree in the background fed by the river.



Stop #2: Angel Point

Here you land on top of a mesa and gaze over the edge into the deeply carved canyons. We may or may not have thrown some rocks over the edge.

Angel Point Utah backcountry adventure flight

CD Cross, our artist, at Angel Point


Angel Point Utah backcountry flight adventure

View from the edge at Angel Point. Don’t fall!


Stop #3: Hidden Splendor

On our final stop, we flew through a canyon to get to the landing strip. There, we ate lunch looking up at the red striations in the cliffs.


hidden splendor utah backcountry flight

Hidden Splendor landing strip and our Cessna 206.

utah backcountry flight adventure

The other end of the Hidden Splendor landing strip. Believe it or not you actually take off in this direction, then weave through the canyon before ascending.



OK3 Air Announces Enhancements to Winter-Readiness Lineup


HEBER CITY, UT / November 01, 2013 / GENERAL AVIATION NEWS / Full-service FBO OK3 AIR announced that enhanced anti-icing and deicing capabilities are fully operational and ready for any winter weather at Heber City Municipal Airport (36U) – located a scant 20 minutes from the popular Deer Valley/Deer Crest ski area.

“With the snowy winters we get here in Utah, we’re very excited to now have de-icing on our list of services. It’s key to providing a seamless travel experience. The list of amenities and services at OK3 AIR is growing every year as we strive to provide the best service in the West,” said OK3 owner, Nadim Abuhaidar.

In addition to snow-defying capabilities and line services, OK3 Air offers maintenance, flight-training, aircraft sales, and private charter. Pilots of large aircraft are welcome at OK3 Air: The FBO’s large hangars can accommodate aircraft up to G-IV. There is an eight-acre aircraft-parking ramp, rental car and limo services, a pilot’s lounge with WiFi, catering, flight planning and aircraft rental. Passengers and crew alike will enjoy OK3’s exclusive agreements with Hertz Rent-A-Car, All Mountain Transportation, Zermatt Resort and Spa, and Cucina Deli.

OK3 Air serves the region’s general and business-aviation needs, and is the airport-of-choice for visitors to entertainment-Mecca of Park City. The area is rich in beauty, culture and sporting attractions, and has been called one of the most astonishing places on earth. It is renowned by pilots as an unforgettable flying destination.

“OK3 Air is in a location of perfect natural beauty—and the quality of services and offerings offered by this FBO match the landscape entirely: attentive customer service, world-class perks, and a passion for aviation,” said Avfuel Vice President Marketing, Marci Ammerman. “Take advantage of AVTRIP points when you visit.”

OK3 AIR is an Avfuel-branded FBO and full-service general aviation business located at the Heber City Municipal Airport. The FBO provides line services, aircraft maintenance as an authorized Pilatus Service Center, aircraft sales and acquisition services, flight training, aircraft management and charter. Ok3 Air offers jet fuel and avgas among many other offerings. Visit this winter to take advantage of cutting-edge winter-readiness technologies.

Avfuel provides fuel and services to the global aviation industry and is the leading independent supplier in the US. Established as a supply and logistics company 40 years ago, Avfuel is core competent in every aspect of the delivery of fuel from refinery to wingtip. Our diverse market of customers include: fixed base operators, airlines, freight companies, corporate flight departments, military special operations and helicopter operators. Avfuel combines global access with personalized service throughout a network over 2,000 fuel locations worldwide and 600+ domestic Avfuel-branded locations. Avfuel offers business solutions such as AVTRIP, an established, recognized pilot incentive program; Avfuel Contract Fuel, the jet fuel savings program; Avplan, a flight-support and trip planning company for customers worldwide. Our 100% dedication to aviation demonstrates our passion and commitment to a global community that prospers on the efficient movement of goods and services around the world.

Contacts:   - OK3 Air: Nadim AbuHaidar, Owner, 435-654-3962,, URL:
- Avfuel Corporation: Marci Ammerman, Vice President Marketing, 34-663-6466,, URL:,, Twitter: @Avfuel